Each Fall/Winter we offer our LTO (Limited Time Only) Series. We move a tiny truck inside the bar and create a monthly pop-up restaurant. LTO takes place November, December, February, and March.  Each month we turn over the truck to a new chef to create their dream restaurant. We give them complete creative control over the menu and concept.  LTO is an incubator for talented chefs to test run their concepts.  

This year we are proud to announce:

Oct: In the Night Kitchen with Cindy Milock and Hedi Robinson

Nov: Seafood Driven from Ann Arbor 

Dec: Betty's Hot Dish

Feb: Happy's Tacos

March: La Munchas- tapas from Earth Wind and Fryer 

Previous year LTO participants include *snap sausageHappy's TacosBread and Buddha, White on Rice, Koko's Cafe, Betty's Hot Dish, and Cordwood BBQ.

We are now accepting applications for future LTO seasons. Please email us at hello@thelitttlefleet.com for more details.

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