Food trucks are rockin'! 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, all food trucks are open 7 days a week.  


Roaming Harvest (7 Days)

Anchor Station (7 Days)

Happys Tacos (7 Days)

White on Rice (7 Days)

Daily Blend (7 Days)

Cordwood BBQ (7 Days)  Now available: Order Online

Milkweed (7 Days) 4pm to 12AM Monday-Saturday 4-10pm sunday

New in 2018: Rotating Spot

Every two weeks we will have a new truck in the lot.  We have worked hard to bring you trucks from near and far.  Trucks will be coming from Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and other parts of Michigan.  Stay tuned for a list of those trucks.

May 11th thru May 14th - Rockwich

May 21st thru June 3rd - Elberto's Taco Truck

June 4th thru June 17th - Rockwich

June 18th thru July 4th - What The Truck

July 5th thru July 11th - Betty's Hot Dish

July 12th thru July 22nd - The Everyday Chef and Wife

July 23rd thru August 5th - Cheese Street

August 6th thru August 26th - Pizza Parliament

August 27th thru September 3rd - Rockwich

September 4th thru September 23rd - Betty's Hot Dish





To Apply for a two week spot, fill out the form below




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